Women & Men Together

Women and Men Working Together

It’s important for our men and women to be able to work and heal together for the best possible future of  our communities.

Since 2005, we have been working with men, and, as a result of being continually asked by by our Male Elders and Traditional Custodians where we have worked, in 2014, we began to work with women and children. We then trained female facilitators to work in pairs with our male facilitators.

One thing that has continually emerged from working with our lads across Australia is that our men can’t do it on their own and we need the support of our women, children and whole of community.

We believe that to build strong communities – we need to have strong relationships. This includes our own relationship with culture and country, our own identity and sense of belonging and that of our communities. 

We offer programs for men, women, and both men and women together, as we feel that we have a lot to learn from each other as far as our shared and separate histories are concerned and what our hopes and dreams are for the future. 

At Mibbinbah, we respect and acknowledge Men’s and Women’s business and will always work with local mobs to establish trust and respect first. We will always ask if it is possible for us to work with both males and females, this is about working together for the future of our children and grandchildren. It is about working together to find solutions for critical concerns and issues in their communities and then finding solutions to address these concerns and issues with available resources.

Jack and Lisa Bulman are  proud Aboriginal people who are passionate about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s social and emotional wellbeing, working together in their highest and best.

Jack Bulman is a Muthi Muthi man from South Western NSW and Lisa Bulman is a Gundijtmara woman from Warrnambool, Victoria. Both have very strong ties back to country.  Jack and Lisa are highly experienced in capturing the authentic voice of participants in an inclusive and culturally safe manner, especially for individuals from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, while respecting the great diversity of Mobs. Community consultations are central to the scope of any evaluation, especially for establishing the ‘baseline’ for co-design, and understanding the needs and aspirations of young people and the broader community.

Some comments about our workshops:

I really love coming to Mibbinbah Camps as I feel so good when I leave, you know if I didn't have Mibbinbah  I might have done something silly to myself

J.M 2013

“Big thanks to Mibbinbah for coming back for follow up and a huge thanks to Charlie Fay and the Men’s group for their amazing commitment and work to organise the yummy lunches and morning teas. I feel so blessed to be part of and see what comes of it and I know I am talking for all of us women at Tweed heads that have been involved. Love and respect to Jack and Lisa Bulman for all the hard work and persistence and their amazing leadership and facilitating. These guys work so well together and the process has been a huge learning curve for both us women and our men. I know it’s going to be huge and change so many lives with the tools we have been given. We can’t wait for the next instalment."

Tweed Heads, 2019 Participant

 "Keep doing the beautiful work you are doing, there is something so special about what you do, I don’t normally open up and tell my story, but you fellas created a space to enable me to feel safe 

 and welcomed. I can’t wait for the Train The Trainer workshops. I love what you fellas do." 

Tif, 2019 Toowoomba.

"You work so well together and I have never seen facilitators so calm and relaxed, it made the space for us as participants a great place to be and in the end we didn’t want it to finish. I was also amazed at the way Jack and Lisa were able to read the room and ask the most appropriate questions." 

 Male participant. 2019 Toowoomba  

"I had an awesome 2-day workshop on healing and social and emotional wellbeing, great facilitators, I would recommend these presenters and workshops to everyone. Thank you to our deadly facilitators Jack & Lisa Bulman."

Milly 2019 Goondiwindi