Move For Mibbinbah 

Uncle Charlie Fay, blessed us with his beautiful Welcome to Country

Mark Williams Playing Didg

Scotty, Dwayne, JB, Shane 

Scotty and JB

Some of our support runners


On August 28, 2022, the first Move for Mibbinbah Challenge was held on the Gold Coast.

This was the inaugural event in a yearly campaign to raise money and awareness for Mibbinbah Spirit Healing, a health promotion organisation that runs a variety of acclaimed programs aimed at empowering and healing Australia's First Nations people.

The Move for Mibbinbah Challenge encouraged participants to express their support for the cause by resolving to move in a way that individually challenges them for the entire month of August.

The standard was set by Jack Bulman, the founder of Mibbinbah, and Scotty Page, an ambassador for Wild Earth, who agreed to run nonstop for 24 hours on August 28 in Palm Beach. Jack finished at 111km, while Scotty 160km

Runners travelled from all over Australia to participate in the event and were part of an amazing team that came together to support each other. Three legends travelled from interstate to Participate Chris the Running Lumberjack 100km, Dwayne Bannon Harrison 70km and Shane Venables 70km. Also, we appreciate the assistance of our sponsoring organisations, Wild Earth and Elevation complete health and fitness. A big shout-out  to all the support volunteers on the day. A very special thank you goes to Lisa Bulman and Christina Grant for all their hard work in organizing and setting the event up. Lisa was there for the whole duration of the event and was crucial in making sure it went according to plan. She was the first port of call for all the runners and assisted them with all their needs.

Move for Mibbinbah ended with this amazing show of commitment and stamina, but other people also kept their promises. For example, some kids promised to skip, and others showed their support by running shorter distances on the day of the event and in advance. 

Mibbinbah is all about making sure that everyone can take part in an event to the best of their ability, in whatever way they can. We've been very encouraged to see and feel what this looks like. 

The money from last year's 8K event will help pay for Mibbinbah's annual Celebration Gathering, which will bring together men and women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities for the first time. Our Celebration Gathering has grown into an important place where people can listen to each other and learn from each other. 

In 2023, the Move for Mibbinbah Competition will be back. This year's groundswell of support has given us a lot of energy, and we can't wait to see what the next part of the series will be like.

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Chris and JB, after the 24 hour challenge, As JB said, it is the little things that matter. He said I don't know if I could have done it without everyone's  support.