Proper Way

‘Proper way’ describes a method of delivery that fits with local lore, customs and law.

It ensures that initiatives are developed and delivered in a way that is appropriate to local community members.

Mibbinbah facilitates workshops to explore and celebrate what Proper Way is for specific localities. Identifying Proper Way in a shared space can encourage team building – and also provide clarity around community priorities (including engagement with service providers and working through community concerns).

While the ‘Proper Way’ ensures culturally appropriate methods are utilised, it goes further by ensuring that the project is firmly located in the local community and is responsive to its members. Proper way also recognizes the vast diversity not only among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but also between the different mobs of Aboriginal people.

Our Proper Way Workshop is a foundational course that is usually run prior to the Hope, Healing and Inspiration Program. Usually, both programs are run over two days;

Proper Way & Hope, Healing & Inspiration

  • 1 full day each

  • Option for Male and Female facilitators

  • Community: maximum 30 participants

  • Organisation: maximum 80 participants