Mibbinbah  National Gathering 2023

This year's Mibbinbah annual National ‘Celebration Gathering’ was the first of its kind, combining men and women from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and also inviting Non-Indigenous people to come and celebrate with our mobs.  This platform hosted meaningful conversations where we could all listen and learn from each other and collectively work together to solidify a united and harmonious future for all generations. This cultural exchange celebrated where people are in their life journey. 

Now we are on to planning the 2024 Gathering and boy have we found a great space The Venue is called The Haven at Emu Park QLD on October 28–31, 2024

Mibbinbah Camps

Mibbinbah's camps a chance to grow and feel empowered. Our camps provide a safe and supportive environment where participants can learn about culture, heal from past hurts, and develop personally. The camps focus on connecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with their heritage and traditional practices. Our camps help First Nations people regain their strength, become more resilient, and form meaningful relationships with their community and land. These life-changing experiences contribute to preserving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and promoting positive changes in society.

Mibbinbah's camps also aim to foster understanding and connection between Aboriginal and non-Indigenous people. These camps create opportunities for both groups to come together and learn from one another, breaking down barriers and promoting cultural exchange. By creating a space for dialogue and shared experiences, Mibbinbah encourages mutual respect and appreciation for each other's cultures. This exchange of knowledge and perspectives helps to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, fostering greater understanding and harmony. Through these interactions, Mibbinbah works towards a future where all people can learn, grow, and thrive together, regardless of their cultural backgrounds.

Mibbinbah also seeks to celebrate the positive things that both Aboriginal and non-Indigenous communities are doing well. The organization recognizes and acknowledges the strengths and achievements of these communities, aiming to highlight and promote their successes. By shining a spotlight on the positive aspects of each community, Mibbinbah fosters a sense of pride and empowerment among individuals, encouraging them to continue making a positive impact in their respective communities. This celebration of achievements serves as a catalyst for collaboration and unity, as it encourages both Aboriginal and non-Indigenous people to come together to learn from each other's successes and build upon them. Through this approach, Mibbinbah promotes a balanced and inclusive perspective that acknowledges the strengths and contributions of all communities involved.


The objectives of this camp are to: