Our Mob

Our Board

Each member of Mibbinbah’s Board is committed to the long-term health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and sits on and contributes to influential committees across Australia. This experience ensures Mibbinbah is responsive and reflective of all issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities today.

Who we work with

· Communities that are ready.

· Organisations across Australia that share our values and our vision.

Our Network

Mibbinbah maintains links with a national network of over 5000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men, women and children and community groups across Australia.

Jack Bulman - CEO

Through the years Jack has been involved in a wide variety of community activities. Jack received a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Health Promotion from La Trobe University where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male’s Health became a passion. While at university, Jack was recruited to work in Men’s Health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males in Queensland. He worked for both community and government organisations.

Subsequently, with Dr. Rick Hayes Jack set up Mibbinbah; a Health Promotion Charity for Indigenous Males that focuses on building safe spaces for Aboriginal males. Jack is in high demand as a speaker and facilitator across the country. He specialises in providing support to community groups who need to work through their governance and leadership concerns. He is one of the co-creators of the Mad Bastards ‘Guide’: Be the best you can be which is now the Mibbinbah Be The Best You Can Be Program.

Mr Antony Stockdale - Chairperson

Antony is an Entrepreneur who has been involved in Mibbinbah since 2013. Antony has a proven track record of helping organisations grow to achieve their goals. He is also an innovative entrepreneur who has developed and launched a wide range of organisations, companies and products over the last 15 years.

Dr Mark Wenitong - Director

Mark is a Kabi Kabi man with extensive expertise and experience in the development and delivery of health and wellbeing programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Involved in both clinical and policy work throughout his career, he is currently the Aboriginal Public Health Medical Officer at the Apunipima Cape York Health Council working on health reform

Dr Rick Hayes - Founding Member and first Chair

Rick acknowledges his family’s heritage with the Brothertown Indian Tribe of New York and Wisconsin. With his research and practice partner, Jack Bulman, he has been engaged in research relating to Indigenous men, men’s sheds/spaces and health for a number of years. He is a leading researcher on non-pathologising approaches to men’s health in Australia. Rick’s work has repeatedly shown that men, in safe and well-facilitated groups associated with their networks, can and will talk about and engage their health related concerns.

Lisa Bulman - Facilitator

Lisa is a proud Gunditjmara woman from Warrnambool in Victoria and has been involved in a wide variety of community activities through the years and developed a keen sense of the importance of the family and our extended networks.

Lisa loves working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities across Australia and gets great satisfaction being able to assist in empowering and building capacity of communities. In her work with Mibbinbah Lisa works with associated partners to address local needs and consider broader issues such as depression and anxiety and other health and social and emotional well-being issues. Lisa is the first female facilitator of the Mibbinbah Be The Best You Can Be Program and has been delivering the program since 2014 across Australia.

Adam & Carmel Wooding - IT Support

Empower Digital is a family business dedicated to empowering small businesses to succeed in our online world. Primarily using Shopify and GSuite, we specialise in web development, ecommerce and training & consulting. Located in Warwick and in-person servicing the Southern Downs, we love the opportunity to work remotely with clients Australia wide.

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