Service Partners - Two Way Learning

People know what the issues and concerns are in their community and they also know what the solutions are for their communities.

With culturally appropriate support, communities can participate in remedying different issues in community with what resources they have available.

We work with Service Partners of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to:

    • bring to light the critical importance of working within the framework of local community Proper Way;
    • for establishing Two-way learning engagements;
    • and for committing to a strengths-based approach to service delivery.

Designed with a focus on improved relationships and service delivery, these workshops begin with individual meetings with the local community and current (or potential) service providers.

Service Partners Workshops

  • Within 4 weeks, follow on from completion of our Proper Way workshop.
  • Max 30 participants, 2 full days.
  • Option for Male and Female facilitators.