Upcoming Events


This August, we’re dusting off the cobwebs from the last few years of Covid lockdowns preparing to Move for Mibbinbah - our inaugural fundraising event.

Mibbinbah Spirit Healing CEO Jack Bulman and Wild Earth ambassador, Scotty Page will be leading the charge, individually running for 24 hrs straight at a Gold Coast event on 28th August 2022

You can show your support by moving in whatever way suits you: run, walk or crawl! Mibbinbah is about meeting people at, wherever they are in their journey.

By sharing your own journey of movement in August, you can help us raise critical funds Mibbinbah’s award winning series of health promotion programs for First Nations men, women and children from our communities, including our annual Celebration Gathering.

To register, simply email admin@mibbinbah.org

Or you can donate directly at: https://gofund.me/4a8d9705