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Show your support by sponsoring Jack and Scotty as they each individually run for 24 hours straight. All funds raised will go towards the Mibbinah, an Indigenous Health Promotion Charity. With your contribution Mibbinbah can continue to celebrate the great diversity of culture and language represented by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This is achieved through ongoing coordinated national programs for men, women and children from our communities, including an annual gathering.

This year the annual national ‘Celebration Gathering’ will be the first of its kind, by combining both men and women together from all diverse indigenous communities. This platform will host important conversations where we can all listen and learn from one another, and collectively work together to solidify a united and harmonious future for all generations. This cultural exchange is a celebration of where people are at in their life journey. All are invited and welcome to join this ‘Celebration Gathering’ to be held in October 2022 in Queensland.


Scotty and Jack have come together to raise funds for Mibbinbah, by individually running non-stop for 24-hours. Yes,each of them running for 24 hours straight!

Who: Jack Bulman and Scotty Page

Why: Raise funds for Mibbinbah celebrating where people are at in their life journey.

How can people donate: https://gofund.me/4a8d9705

Target: $50,000

When: 24/hour run – Sunday 28th August, Gold Coast.